Anarchy is an open ideological conception and with a very flexible dynamic, but those who understand that this leads to disorder, mess, disorder or chaos are mistaken. Starting from the basic premise that there is neither oppression nor exploitation in social, economic, political, cultural, affective relations, we are facing an anarchy that is built and destroyed according to the collective and personal needs, interacting in a way that is something complementary and not an exclusion process.

Freedom in anarchy is not limited, it is extended with each person involved, which leads to direct and built relationships with common social agreement and dispenses with other levels of social management, that is, authoritarian vertical hierarchical structures which in a word is summarized by State.

It is oriented that an engagement of all the people involved is necessary for anarchy to develop. A responsible commitment to leading this horizontal and participatory policy. This engagement is the beginning of the struggle, because without a conviction about anarchy and the role that a person practicing anarchy has, it is unlikely to remain engaged and motivated in the system in which we are inserted.

We are subjected to violence, it is not optional and there is no way out without direct and continuous struggle. The anarchist movement is a constant libertarian response against all forms of oppression and exploitation and it does not occur in inertia or in proposals that harmonize with oppressive practices, therefore, the anarchist movement is made in a marginal and peripheral way and acts through the union of all oppressed and exploited people, whether economically, socially, culturally, religiously, affectionately, environmentally, or politically.

Such a struggle needs permanent preparation in the most varied areas and for the constitution and union of forces of the various proposals that anarchism manifests: feminism, veganism, social ecology, unionism, affectivity, ethnicity. And it is important to make it clear that we exclude oppression and exploitation of those teratological proposals for reasons of apology: anarcho-capitalism, anarcomonarchism, anarcho-Bolshevism, anarcho-fascism and other opportunistic aberrations.

Each person involved in the anarchist struggle seeks daily more knowledge for the theoretical clashes, a technical training for the practices of emancipatory struggle, together with physical preparation for the actual struggles, because it is important to maintain our integrity and that of our people.

Yes, we have to prepare physically because part of the fight takes place directly and without adequate physical preparation we will not be able to maintain ourselves during these confrontations.

So it’s time to train, to read, to prepare for a fight that is already taking place.

See you on the streets!

Considerations for an anarchist struggle

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